For Those About To Shred.....

Posted: Feb 22 2018

A solid snowboard bag can make the difference between a good trip and an epic set of moments that leave an indelible mark on your soul. A good snowboard bag might not actually make you a better rider or make the conditions amazing, but IT WILL help you plan and get organized for whatever comes your way while abroad. From basic tuning supplies like rub on wax, scrapers or edge tools, to spare parts such as spare ladders, boot laces and hardware; the Dakine Freestyle Bag (pictured above) can accommodate these and other items you'd normally leave behind. The lightly padded Freestyle Bag from Dakine is great for daily and weekly trips to the local hills as well as cross country and even intercontinental journeys to far off lands where soft, pillowy and powder filled dreams come true. Available in 157cm and 165cm sizes, the Dakine Freestyle bag is a must have accessory on the way up to get down.
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