Cyber Monday Blues

Posted: Nov 27 2017

As we all shake off the festivities of this past weekend, it's a good time to reflect on everything that has recently transpired. Black Friday sales were plenty, and we had a number of people come in to the shop  The Grey Cup game yesterday was hotly contested by the Argos and the Stampeders. Congrats to the Argos on the win!! We also had a number of people making their way out for their first runs of the season over at Camp Fortune. Preliminary reports are good and I'm sure we're all looking forward to a great season out on our local hills this winter. And that brings us to today, Cyber Monday as it's called. So in honour of every other retailer, we're issuing a Cyber Monday coupon code for the entire week! Enter coupon code: GIMMIE10 for an additional 10% (on top of previously reduced items) off all online purchases this week. Coupon will expire on Friday, December 1 so best to act soon! 
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