Brighten up Your Summer With Ronix!

Posted: May 10 2017

It's no secret that Ronix makes some of the best wakeboard gear known to man, that, we can all agree on. A name associated with constantly pushing the envelope, Ronix's drive for progression in the world of wakeboarding sets them apart from the competition year in, year out. When Ronix introduced their cambered board technology a few years ago, people were turned on to a whole new ride feel. Parks Bonifay, one of wakeboarding's living legends, has had a cambered pro model for the last few years and hasn't looked back. The Ronix Limelight pictured above is a cambered women's board for female riders looking for something new. The durable construction can take a beating so beginners can learn and progress without worrying about dinging up their board. For intermediate riders looking to switch things up, the women's Limelight is amazing behind the boat and at the park. This board has a tough and durable sintered base and a urethane sidewall with Ronix's Krypto Cable construction for added strength. As pictured above with the Halo bindings, this is an amazing package for anyone looking to progress their riding to new levels this summer. 
The men's board pictured above the Limelight is this year's Ronix District package. The District takes the best of 3-stage rocker pop and performance and combines it with the forgiving and speedy continuous rocker profile for a blended 3-stage rocker that goes! The extra surface area at the tip and tail has a concave profile that makes ollies and presses easier. The variable rails offer a rounder edge between the feet and a sharper rail edge towards the tip and tail for cleaner edge to edge transfers and better hold. 
If the wakeboard at your cottage is holding you back, check out this year's lineup of Ronix wakeboard at Surf Side. We've got something that can take your riding to the next level, and probably the level after that!!
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