Board Repairs, Because That's Kinda Important

Posted: Jun 03 2017

It's inevitable that in the course of one's ownership of a SUP board, surf board, windsurf board, wake surf board etc..., the need to repair some form of damage will arise. Of course, you may get lucky and never ding up your board, but the odds are not in your favour. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to scare you into thinking that you're going to damage your board and incur huge repair bills, but rather demonstrate the importance of a shop being able to perform proper repairs. The difference between a proper repair job and some simple patchwork is night and day, literally! To put things in perspective, how keen would you be to purchase a vehicle from a dealership that didn't have a service department? If a reputable dealer is going to sell you a product, should they not be knowledgeable enough to repair it as well? Luckily, our shop owner and repair guru Alex has MANY years of experience with repair work, with his own quiver of boards as well as many satisfied customers' boards too. The experience he brings to the table is also being shared with our highly qualified staff, in hopes the lost art of board repair doesn't get lost for good! From simple dings and eggshell cracks to fin box repairs and replacements to structural glass work, we can handle just about any repair, within reason of course. We do not work in the supernatural or dark arts, if your board is dead, we'll let you know. 
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