Posted: Sep 20 2018

Calling all female skateboarders!!!! You are ALL invited to come out and take part of SkateMania on Sunday, September 23 at the Charlie Bowins Skatepark. Entry is free with a suggested donation of a canned good/non perishable food item. Registration starts around noon and the fun gets underway around 2PM. We'll start things off with a game of L.E.D.G.E. (game of SKATE on the ledge) and don't worry, any curb or lip trick will count! So if your ledge game isn't quite there yet, no problem. Following the game of L.E.D.G.E., there will be a no holds barred game of S.K.A.T.E.. No holds barred? Exactly, everything and literally anything goes. No stuffy Berrics rules here folks, so yes, footplants, hand plants, bonelesses, no comply's and especially the Malto manual s%$t are ALL permitted. Ultimately, all judge's rulings are final so be nice to the judge! In all seriousness though this is a fun based event (but ultimately, quality skateboarding will be rewarded) and we've got a great stash of prizes to give out so let' get ready to RUMBLE!!
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