Around Town This Weekend?

Posted: Mar 03 2017

If you happen to be in the Nation's Capital this weekend, there's no shortage of amazing things to do. Starting this evening with the Red Bull Crashed Ice event going down, there will be lots of great action to take in if you're in the Byward Market area this evening. Outside of that of course, our beloved Capital has many great restaurants, bars and nightclubs catering from mild to sort of wild to entertain you. Many Byward Market clubs and bars will be having various Crashed Ice themed things going on tonight and tomorrow, so best to check them out and not miss out on any of the action. If watching ex/washed up hockey players (just kidding, these guys and gals are peak performance athletes putting it ALL on the line each time they drop in to a course!!) careening around an ice covered boarder-cross course isn't your thing, check out the Burton Riglet Park setup not too far from the Crashed Ice action brought to you by the homies over at Top of the World. It's a great way to introduce your youngster to the exciting and fun sport of snowboarding and the perfect way to burn off their excess energy from sucking back free energy drinks and watching adrenaline charged racers charging around the Crashed Ice course!! And yes, I just helped promote an event for one of our competitors, because that's what we do! We're just trying to help out where we can, we're all just one big board sports loving family!!! ❤️💛💚💙💜
If outdoor action is what you're seeking, our local hills have rebounded nicely from the odd weather patterns we've recently observed and are ready to get you out! Conditions will be understandably "crispy", but that's what sharp edges and a properly tuned up snowboard are for. If your gear isn't ready to handle the conditions, come on by the shop and we can take care of it. No appointments necessary and you won't be disappointed with the services we provide. Everything is done the old fashioned way, by hand and under watchful eyes. If you are not 100% satisfied with our tune up, the next one is on us!
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