And Saturday We Be Jammin'

Posted: Apr 20 2017

Saturday is literally just two days away (don't worry, I checked a calendar AND my phone...) and I don't know about you guys but we're starting to get pretty excited, and none of us here are even competing!! Seriously though, the stoke is starting build for Saturday's jam session (OK, it'll be a bit more organized than that!). The prizes have been coming in and we're pretty stoked on the support from our suppliers. More importantly though, we're just stoked to bring our local surf scene together and celebrate our joint passion for having fun and getting gnarly. Aside from the rad surfing going down, we'll have a BBQ set up for the competitors as well as spectators. The BBQ is free for competitors and canned goods/non perishable food donations will be accepted from spectators. There will also be a couple of demo boards for the competitors to try if they wished. Our Catch Surf 7'0 Log Rental board will be there as well for those interested in river surfing (you'll have to supply your own wetsuit). We're looking forward to seeing as many of you guys as possible on Saturday to cheer on our local surfers, don't hold back, it's gonna be a wild day!!!
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