Accessories to Accessorize

Posted: Jan 28 2019

Accessories are often overlooked when making a snowboard or outerwear purchase. Often times, the smallest little thing can have a big impact on your day. From a simple traction pad to a life saving face mask or balaclava, we'd like to help make sure you're completely covered your next time out. Check out our selection of tune up supplies and accessories; from waxes to scrapers, irons, hardware and more! We've also got some great accessories to go with the rest of your riding ensemble such as Airhole face masks and balaclavas, you don't want to get caught out without one, trust us! We still have a great selection of Sandbox helmets for snowboarders of all ages and genders, not to mention some great Dakine gloves and mitts  to go with them! If seeing while you ride is your thing (and it should be!!), we still have some great goggles for Ashbury as well as some clearance goggles from Dragon and Scott. And we couldn't forget to stress the importance of a board lock for when you're at the hills. The last thing we want to hear about happening is someone's board being stolen! For $16.95 you can protect your investment for years to come! Our winter season is full swing now and most of us have had a chance to get out to the hills. It's also a great time to take stock  if you have nay trips coming up out West or beyond. With the Family Day long weekend and the various Spring/March breaks coming up for students, we want to help make sure you have EVERYTHING you need for your winter getaway!
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