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Posted: Jan 08 2016

A recent customer experience led me to write this post regarding some of the advantages of shopping at a smaller, local shop rather than a large, mall-based/big box chain store.
Earlier this week, we had the pleasure of helping out a return customer whose first visit was just a few weeks ago. They hadn't considered shopping here in the first place as their friends had told them that they will pay more for products of equal value at a smaller specialty shop like ours. So, the customer went to a large chain store....let's call the store "Shorts Spec". According to the customer, they were shown a few items and were left alone to make their decision. A few days later, that same customer happened upon our store as they were in the area and had some time to kill and happened to be looking for a few acoutrements to complete their "kit". The customer was both shocked and somewhat amazed to see we had the exact same product they had purchased at "Shorts Spec" for LESS than what was sold at "Shorts Spec". Quite ironic as a larger chain operation like "Shorts Spec" would be purchasing a MUCH larger volume of said product, entitling them to a large purchase discount from the supplier. By all rights, a small shop like ours; who purchases much less than the large chain store with a much smaller purchase discount, should be the one charging more for the same item. Luckily for both the customer and our shop, they came into the shop and not only saved money, but they also got some great advice on their equipment and were completely outfitted with the right gear. Also to note, another item purchased at "Shorts Spec" that we installed at no charge, was in fact, incomplete and missing parts, which we furnished at no cost (this isn't the first time we've seen this!). The point being made here is that while mall and "outlet" shopping are easy and convenient, you're not always guaranteed to get a good deal. Let's help keep our local economies healthy by shopping local whenever you can. We know it's not possible in a number of cases (I mean, who makes local, free range artisinal toilet paper?!??!), but if there was a way you could help your neighbour pay ther bills and survive by supporting a local business instead of helping some nameless and faceless CEO pad their stock portfolio or buy yet another exotic sports car for their collection, why wouldn't you? 2016 is a time for change, why not start at Surf Side?
Rant over.
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