Posted: Oct 23 2015

It's not often a video project of this size and scope comes together, but when it does, how does one truly get the most out of the experience?!?!?? The long awaited and much anticipated 2032 video from Thirty Two boots and outerwear is this video! Well, Surf Side along with the homies at Top of The World and Timebomb Distribution decided to throw a bit of a party. So, tonight at The Furniture Warehouse a.k.a. El Furni we will be doing just that! Doors open at 9 for this 19+ event on the Furniture Warehouse's rooftop patio (this is an outdoor event so dress accordingly). Admission is free so there's a few more $$$ in your pocket for a beverage or snacks which are very reasonably priced from what I hear. 

Yes, this video is currently available on iTunes, but why limit yourself to the confines of your laptop screen or your phone when you and your whole squad can lounge comfortably and take in the whole experience that is 2032. Download it later and dissect each and every trick on your own time, but tonight, tonight is about coming together as a community and enjoying and sharing the stoke collectively. Let this video be the spark that sets this upcoming snow season ablaze.


Check the teaser below:

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