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Posted: Mar 15 2017

This fact is nearly as shocking as the website that inspired this post title. But that's another story, a very NSFW story indeed! But yeah, surf boards yo! Wicked awesome Catch Surf soft tops just hit the shop this week! If you've ever thought about getting into surfing, no better place to start than Surf Side, and the Ottawa River (but not without someone who can show you the ropes, literally!!). Seriously! The local river surfing scene has been going for a lot longer than you'd think. (Any local river surfing historians are more than welcomed to chime in in the comments below!!) Last year the shop hosted Ottawa's first ever Surf Comp and we look forward to doing something fun for our local river surfers in the upcoming weeks when Bate's Island wave starts pumping again. Aside from surfboards however, we are well stocked with wetsuits for cold water and warm, surf wax, spare and replacement fins for both FCS and Futures fin boxes, traction pads, gloves, booties and hoods for cold water and much more! We obviously carry Catch Surf surfboards (made in San Clemente Ca., aka "Surf City") which are high performance soft tops with properly shaped cores, high volumes and durable, Lib Tech surfboards, and Bic surfboards. We also currently have a Catch Surf 7'0 Log available for rental. At the moment, we don'y have any rental wetsuits, but we're working on it! 
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