Surf Side turns 33 years young

Posted: Jan 28 2015

As some of you may know, we've been serving the area's snowboard, skateboard, windsurfing, kiteboarding, and watersports communities for a long time. How long exactly? Next Thursday, the shop celebrates 33 year in business. We've moved a couple of times to various locations from our humble beginings at Carling and Croydon near Lincoln Fields, to the Bank and Catherine location, to the house over at Carling and Woodroffe, to the "dark years" over near Crystal Beach, to our present location back over at Carling and Woodroffe. This time, the other side of the intersection in the little mall with the Starbucks. You may also recognize our current location as having been neighbours to T&L when they were in business. We must be doing something right as we've seen competitors and cutomers alike, come and go. With a long history like ours, we've prided ourselves in providing our customers with the best products from the hottest brands, and we will continue to do so into the next generation. With that, we here at the shop would like to take a minute to say thank you, everyone, who have come through the doors or visited this website and given your support. Stay tuned for more exciting news and announcements!!!
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